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Jena Fetalino Public Relations Consultancy is a PR agency specializing in media placements that are comprehensive, compelling, and client-customized. 


Our core competence is staging media campaigns that seek to reframe public debates on socio-economic and political issues, especially those which impact greatly on specific business or industry while ensuring that the client’s message is cascaded through and public sentiment won over.


We organize press conferences, local and international media tours and coverage with exceptional results by way of published articles and carefully crafted, credible, and compelling stories broadcast on preferred platforms (radio, TV, online media, etc.)



We handle PR requirements of local and international events that include press briefings, tapping key opinion leaders, and maximizing use of various social media platforms and their in-house influencers for total profiling and projection of activities/events/undertakings.  


 Our organization and resources may be small but our ideals and standards are tall.


We have on board PR veterans, retired media practitioners, field experts and analysts who have been there, done that, and seen it all. Their unique perspectives not only bring high resolution to the presentation of the client’s case; they confer credibility and lend prestige to the entire package.  

And while our competitors slug it out in a free-for-all arena, we take the national conversation a step higher – by conveying the clients’ message above the fray.


Because only by doing so can we pop the message up via a wide vista that can be seen, appreciated, and absorbed by a broad spectrum of society. 


And that is how attitudes are altered. And as they are changed, so is society.    

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