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Jena F. Fetalino

Founder & Managing Director


Jena Fetalino has a solid background in the publishing industry, joining Mosman Communications Inc. and MEDCOM International in 1992 as Founding President at the age of 28. 


She is, to borrow a publishing term, no “paperback” but a “hard cover” in the industry.  


And the field she covered was vast, diverse, lush.

Under her leadership, the two companies published thousands of health guides, books, and symposium highlights; organized hundreds of medical events such as health summits and forums. 


Considering the affinity, if not virtual similarity between medical publishing/ event programming on one hand and public relations on the other, foraying into PR is a natural, logical, even inevitable career consequence for Jena. 


Because of her deep and long background in publishing, she has a broad grasp of reconciling media’s demand for legitimate, credible stories and clients’ core content requirements. 


A delicate balancing act, indeed, but Jena has shown herself to be adept at making both the ends of media coverage and client exposure meet at a mutually productive point.   

Of course, her greatest resource is her vast network of friends and colleagues in media built over the years, if not decades of professional trade publication, product and service promotion, and ancillary services.   


It should be no wonder then that in the 11th STEVIE AWARDS FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS held in New York on Nov. 14, 2014, Jena was adjudged Female Executive of the Year in Business Services - Global Category. 


Nikki A. Fetalino

Business Development Director

With over seven years of experience in above-the-line advertising and digital marketing, Nikki helps design and execute successful public relations campaigns for JFPRC.

Her proficiency in Account Management, Marketing, Advertising and Relationship-Building have allowed her to handle numerous major brands over the years.  Attentive and articulate, she excels in dealing with clients, assisting media professionals, and organizing press conferences and events.

She manages social media teams to engage audiences across traditional and new media.  She builds relationships with thought leaders to grow industry awareness and is ready to pitch in new ideas to help achieve goals.

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